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druk 'n Drie, druk a drol, druk 'n vinger in jou hol – lit. "rating a try out, squeeze a turd and insert your finger into your anus". A crude but humorous way to say "go finger-fuck you"

This historic Zulu name provides a thoroughly clean and straightforward elegance, which account for your surge in its attractiveness. The that means of Thamsanqa is ‘luck.’

Lekker bro". Contrary to It can be English counterpart "great", use from the word "lekker" is really promoted as opposed to frowned upon In spite of currently being incredibly normally made use of. It is actually speculated that "lekker" will never come to be Clichéd.

gham – derogatory term for an "uncivilized coloured"; used to describe a person with undesirable characteristics in appears to be and mannerisms. "Ew, that guy is so gham!"

The expression relies on the fact that the child goes blue from the encounter even though screaming, and that it's as if a murder has become fully commited. As an example: Die klein laaitie het blou moord geskree toe hy op Kersvader se skoot sit. (This very little tyke was screaming blue murder when he experienced to sit on Santa's lap.)

veë jou gat aan dit af - lit. "wiping your arse on it". Refers to blatant ignorance in opposition to any person or object, it doesn't matter the consequences. Closest English equivalent is: "You do not give a shit."

zap - whilst the first English usage continues to be intact, even though the term "to shock" is preferred, What's more, it refers to one's obscene use of the center finger, although a "double-zap" could be where by both equally middle fingers are prolonged at the same time.

Transkaroo - refers to your trans-Karoo rail-line that connects Cape Town and Pretoria, it more particularly refers to the teach that ran at stake often called the Trans Karoo Convey. A preferred song of precisely the same identify, describes the narrator's wishes of reuniting along with his girlfriend by pleading on the train by itself (personified), to bring her residence securely and promptly.

soek – to search for difficulty with a person/to antagonise/to stir up difficulties = "you soeking with me?" – Afrikaans: "to hunt or try to look for".

chan – a derogatory term for an overweight, metrosexual South African. (very likely origin: derived in the slang expression china/chine). Also used for a variation to bru and bra.

Slang designed inside the 1970s to enable the speakers to converse in public with no drawing attention – usually referring to women' names often with the 1st letter in frequent with the meant meaning:[seventeen]

ge- – accustomed to consult with an attached Afrikaans verb in past tense (as in ge+bliksem = "gebliksem"), it could possibly generally be Utilized in mixing languages by adding it to English verbs nevertheless however retaining its first pronunciation: Ek het dit 'gelike' (I Favored That: Authentic Afrikaans: Ek het daarvan gehou).

Jy span die wa voor die perde - lit. "You happen to be drawing the wagon get more info before the horses". You're jumping to conclusions.

", that means "An item as in a stone inside the street."). three. To bodily join two independent objects jointly: (Las die punte van die twee toue aanmekaar; Tie the two ends on the ropes jointly.)

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